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Emotional Regulation: One of the Highest Priorities of Parenting

Emotional Regulation: One of the Highest Priorities of Parenting

In almost every study of child development, one factor pops up again and again- the importance of regulating children’s distress. We all have negative emotions such as sadness, loneliness, feeling rejected, anger, boredom, shame, and guilt. Negative emotions serve an important function. They are signals to ourselves and to others that we are in a…... READ MORE

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Reflective parents ‘pay it forward’ to their kids

Reflective Parenting emphasizes Reflective Thinking– a powerful communication tool that underlies all healthy parent-child relationships. Reflective thinking is the multi-purpose human capacity for Understanding others Understanding our self Being able to self-regulate: emotions, behaviors, impulses. Being a Reflective Parent is the only way to teach your child how to be a Reflective Thinker! Benefits of being a Reflective…... READ MORE

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Keeping the Mind in Mind

Skill #4 Reflect on the meaning of the behavior, your child’s and yours. Reflecting means: understanding that people’s outward behavior is motivated by something in the mind- such as emotions, intentions, beliefs, desires, plans and goals. Because every person’s mind is separate, private and has its own unique perspective… Being reflective requires: Trying to understand your child’s…... READ MORE



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